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Part 152 - Highway

Take the high way.

· body,mind,consistency,joy

We're on the road together. We're here. We are here and we are now. The road is singular and not. The route is direct and circuitous. There are many paths. There are many directions. There are countless variations. But we're here - on the road, together.

The Camino de Santiago it an ancient pilgrim's path. It's not one path. It's a network of trails. All points converge. All pilgrims walk from where they are. They start and they walk their path. They walk their own path. They walk the path trod by countless others. They walk the same path as the rest of us.

We're on the road together. How we comport ourselves makes the road high or low. I choose the high road. I do not always succeed, but my intention is to walk the same path trod by countless others. My intention is to start and walk my path. My intention is to walk my own path. I walk the same road as everyone else. I hope to see it clearly.