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Part 131 - Happy

Happy birthday to Kim Green.

· joy

She is my friend. She is my partner. She is my wife. She is my confidant. She is my support. She is my help. She is my encouragement. She is my wife. She is my partner. She is my friend.

Kim Green is amazing.

Kim Green makes beautiful sentences. I'd say she has a gift (and she does) but she works hard at making sentences. If people actually knew how much work goes into writing a good piece of narrative, they'd pay writers more. It's hard work. It's long and thankless hours. It's work that few people do well. Kim does it well.

I met her at the airport. She bought the plane I learned to fly in. I walked out on the ramp, introduced myself, and cracked wise. She laughed. We became fast friends. We became - over the course of a few years - more than friends. She bought the plane I learned to fly in. Let that sink in for a bit. She owned a plane. She flies planes.

We walked across Spain together. Twice.

She makes the best bread on earth. Simple, perfect baguettes. She does this at least once a week.

She crafted the prettiest garden in Nashville (anywhere, really) out of whole cloth. She took an empty back lot and turned it into a springtime wonderland.

Happy birthday to my favorite human. Kim Green.

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