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Part 1 -Aggressively Peaceful

How to not be a yoga asshole

· science,mind,body,yoga,frustration

Yoga gets a bad rap.

I love it. A daily practice keeps me sane (mostly). But there's a woo woo side to yoga that repels some people, people who would otherwise totally dig the practice. I'm relatively impervious to woo woo. It doesn't move me. It doesn't offend me.

Sometimes it annoys me, but hey, that's just life - and yoga.

ECP is here to offer another option. Yoga without the bullshit. Yoga that avoids exaggeration, clearly insane claims, and just factually wrong ideas. Ideas are fine, but they should, in our opinion, be rooted in fact and science. That's why we approach yoga with an open, yet skeptical, mind.

It would be a shame to dismiss yoga because some culturally-appropriating-white-guy swathed in linen pants, draped in mala beads, with an aggressively-peaceful attitude tries to thrust some utter bullshit at you. Yet, this is - sometimes - the way of yoga. Let's take a turn towards not being that guy. Yeah?

We're ECP and we're here to bring a sense of reason to an amazing, oft-misunderstood and misused practice. Wanna come along?

I'm Hal Humphreys. I'm an educator. I host a number of continuing education offerings through a business I own and manage with my partner, Jim McLeod. Together, we develop online learning options for professionals. ECP is simply our front door for the yoga space. It's our way to continue offering quality education to professionals. Stay tuned as we develop this blog and bring our unique brand of professional continuing education to the world of yoga. Cheers.